● Height: 1.5mm; Distance: D≤10m:10mm; D>10m:D*0.001
● Measure and Record by Trigger Key
● Two-Lines LCD Display with Illumination
● Easy-to-Use Onboard Program




Height Accuracy (standard deviation for 1km double run leveling) Digital Reading 1.5mm
Optical Reading 2.0mm
Distance Accuracy Digital Reading D≤10m:10mm; D>10m:D*0.001
Distance Range Digital Reading 2m~110m
Minimum Display HD 0.1mm/ 1mm
Distance 0.1/ 1cm
Measuring Time within 3s in normal condition
Telescope Magnification 32X
Resolving Power 3″
Field of View 1°30′
Multiple Constant 100
Additive Constant 0
Compensator Type magnetic-damped
Range >±12′
Accuracy 0.50″/ 1′
Data Storage Storage 16MB, 20,000 points
Point Name increasing
Connection USB
External Storage
Circular vial Accuracy 8’/ 2mm
Display 128*32dpi LCD with illumination
Working Temperature -20°C ~ 50°C
Dimension 230mm X 150mm X 210mm
Weight 2.5kg
IP Standard IP55

Note: all information above is subject to change without any prior notice.


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