Fiberglass Tripod

●Long-lasting coated for hardware
●Quick and easy release for extended height
●Flat head




Tripod Model ATS-2B /ATS-4B /ATS-6B /ATS-FP1 /ATS-FP2 /ATS-FP3
Full Length ATS-2B: 1800mm
ATS-4B: 1630mm
ATS-6B: 1550mm
ATS-FP1: 1755mm
ATS-FP2: 1780mm
ATS-FP3: 1755mm
Min. Length ATS-2B: 1080mm
ATS-4B: 970mm
ATS-6B: 940mm
ATS-FP1: 1090mm
ATS-FP2: 1090mm
ATS-FP3: 1090mm
Lock ATS-2B: Twist
ATS-4B: Twist
ATS-6B: Twist
ATS-FP1: Clamp
ATS-FP2: Twist
ATS-FP3: Twist & Clamp
Head (Outer) ATS-2B: 158mm
ATS-4B: 158mm
ATS-6B: 120mm
ATS-FP1: 160mm
ATS-FP2: 160mm
ATS-FP3: 160mm
Head (Inner) ATS-2B: 66mm
ATS-4B: 66mm
ATS-6B: 45mm
ATS-FP1: 67.5mm
ATS-FP2: 67.5mm
ATS-FP3: 67.5mm
Weight ATS-2B: 5.88kg
ATS-4B: 4.5kg
ATS-6B: 3.5kg
ATS-FP1: 8.2kg
ATS-FP2: 8.0kg
ATS-FP3: 8.5kg

Note: all information above is subject to change without any prior notice.


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