Flyknit Safety Shoes Ref : FS202FN(FWSAMN)

Red-Black Flyknit upper safety footwear, protective composite toe cap, black netlon lining, single density, black PU sole, antistatic, anti slip, oil & heat resistant.

Description :

Our Flyknit range of sporty safety shoes are extremely comfortable and stylish. It’s made of strong but lightweight strands of yarn. Flyknit technology uses high-strength fibres to create lightweight one-piece uppers with targeted areas of support, stretch and breathability. It has composite toe, non-metallic eyelets, High density PU foam collar and High Compression PU Moulded In Socks.



1. Highly Breathable, Cushioned and Flexible
2. It has antistatic, energy absorbant, anti slip, heat/cold insulation properties
3. Single Density PU sole
4. 100% metal free shoe
5. Shoe is best suited for Telecommunication, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Logistics, Aviation, Transportation, General Industry, Manufacturing and Maintenance
6. Certification: BIS 15298
7. It is made of Fly Knit Material and has Fiber Toe


Prevention from foot injuries while working in Industries


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