What we do?

We provide detailed reports on the health of crops in a patch of land including whether a part is affected by insects, if any part requires more water, is the crop towards growing or dying phase, etc. so the farmers or banks providing crop insurance get a brief on how much production will be there in the field and what to do to improve the quality and quantity of the food production.
We provide services of pesticides and seed spraying to the farmers using drones to spray quickly, efficiently and make their work drastically easy.
We also provide detailed soil testing reports.


  • Our operator flies the drone over an area of field, taking thousands of pictures with the attached multispectral camera.
  • Using computer software, we stitch and layer the images, creating a model of the actual site. 


The Multispectral camera attached with drones provide multiband images of the single patch of land providing lot of data for analysis.
Due to its high speed, time required to capture data is drastically less for drones compared to traditional methods.
Drones provide more detailed deliverables of actual site data along with all the files obtained usually with traditional methods.
Drones spray pesticides and seeds in much quicker and efficient manner compared to the manual methods
Reduces farmer’s workload drastically.
Facilities of crop health insurance become much quicker and easier after detailed analysis of the farm/ field.

  • Saves time
  • High Accuracy


Contour, Boundary – Plot Marking,Digitised Maps, High quality 2D Orthomosaic maps, 3D models,high-density point cloud, Digital Surface Model, Digital Terrain Model, Digital Elevation Model , video, soil test reports

NORMALIZED DIFFERENCE VEGETATION INDEX (NDVI),Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (ENDVI), Visual Atmospheric Resistance Index(VARI),  Normalized Difference Red Edge (NDRE) ,Soil-adjusted Vegetation Index (SAVI) , Pesticide Spraying, Seed Spraying.

Why choose us

  • We have experienced professional Drone Pilots for proper data capturing and spraying
  • We have talented and experienced data processing team to meet all the client requirements.
  • We provide quick, accurate and cost – effective solutions to our client.