What we do?

We have combined traditional management methods using barcodes, tags etc. with latest drone survey technology to provide more detailed and quick outputs for analysis.


  • Our operator flies the drone around all shelves, scanning the barcodes on the products.
  • Our real-time software tells the client which products are present in what quantity on a given day. Along with this, the client gets an alert if the stock is below a minimum set limit.


  • Drones easily acquire data from difficult-to-reach points in the warehouse including high heightedshelves that are not easily accessible.
  • Due to its high speed, time required to capture data is drastically less for drones compared to traditional methods.
  • Drones provide more detailed deliverables of actual site data along with all the files obtained usually with traditional methods.
  • Reduces manpower cost
  • Saves time
  • High Accuracy


  • Real-time updated software for product stock analysis

Why choose us

  • We have experienced professional Drone Pilots for proper data capturing
  • We have talented and experienced data processing team to meet all the client requirements.
  • We provide quick, accurate and cost – effective solutions to our client.