What we do?

We provide detailed analysed reports to our clients using images captured by drone, which include the location of defect, type ofon the wind turbine and sorting the defects based on criticality of damage which helps increase the reliability and ensure safety of the wind turbine.


  • Our operator flies the drone aroundthe wind turbine taking hundreds of Thermal IR + Normal RGB images with the attachedcamera payloads.
  • Our data processing team analyses the images and generate a detailed report.


  • Drones easily acquire data from difficult-to-inspectparts of the wind turbine includingthe blades where defects are usually located.
  • Reduces risk of human operator to inspect the blades physically
  • Due to its high speed, time required to capture images is drastically less for drones compared to traditional manual methodsof inspection.
  • Drones provide more detailed deliverablesfor analysis on how to achieve maximum safety of the wind turbine.
  • Reduces manpower cost
  • Saves time
  • High Accuracy


  • Wind Turbine Fault Detection Report

Why choose us

  • We have experienced professional Drone Pilots for proper data capturing
  • We have talented and experienced data processing team to meet all the client requirements.
  • We provide quick, accurate and cost – effective solutions to our client.